Posted by: hlondres | January 31, 2019

Surprise your partner with a romantic weekend San Sebastian

The city of San Sebastian is known for its beaches and its good cuisine, but this city has a romantic side that you will fall in love with. Our romantic journey begins at the Playa de la Concha and guide you through the beautiful architecture and landscapes of the city. Stay at our luxury hotel by the bay of La Concha, we guarantee the best romantic setting while staying in San Sebastian.

Our tour begins by a walk (about 7 Km) from Zurriola beach to the Peine del Viento. This San Sebastian coastal walk will allow you to explore the 3 beaches that the city offers and its wonderful views. Halfway through this walk, why not take a break in the famous Talosaterapia La Perla, a beautiful spa to relax and enjoy thermal waters. Don’t miss the 360º view room with spectacular panorama of the whole bay.

Following the path along the edge of La Concha Bay, you reach the City Hall of San Sebastián. This impressive building was, at its beginnings, the casino of the city, built in 1887. The style of its construction is reminiscent of the houses of the French Riviera. At his feet, there are magnificent gardens, in which you can walk, called Alderdi Eder. These gardens are composed mainly of different floral sets that accompany the Tamarindos, the most representative trees of the city. Next to this, we can also find palm trees. All this flora accompanies the huge carousel that recalls the “Belle Epoque” era. However, this carousel is not the original that was built in 1900, it is a reconstruction of 1998. It is decorated with paintings from different painters, such as Van Gogh, Lautrec, Cezanne or Picasso. From the carousel you can enjoy a nice view of the la Concha bay.

Following this walk, going a little away from the coast, you will discover a wide and pedestrian street full of beautiful trees that accompany some of the most beautiful buildings that still evoke the memory of the “Belle Epoque” style, such as the Victoria Eugenia Theater. Continuing this route, we will arrive at the Plaza Guipuzkoa.

This square is in the heart of the city and is presided over by a statue of the sculptor José María Usandizaga. The square is surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens where you can go relax, watching the surroundings. The people of San Sebastian have grown up playing in this square and it is known for its romanticism. Also, many events are held here, so if you are lucky to arrive during one of them, you will find some demonstration or local celebration that you can join and enjoy, such as book fairs or children’s attractions or the impressive nativity scene placed in the square for Christmas.

We end this romantic route recommending the visit of Buen Pastor Cathedral. It pays tribute to the other European medieval cathedrals and its needle is about 75 meters high, being the tallest building that can be found in San Sebastian.

Without hesitation, San Sebastian has nothing to envy to Paris, you will find the perfect romantic spot to enjoy with your partner, to walk around, admire the sunset on one of the beaches around San Sebastian or have a nice cider.

We hope you enjoy an unforgettable visit and a fantastic stay at our hotel in San Sebastian.
Do not hesitate to contact our staff about the San Sebastian hotel deals.

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