Posted by: hlondres | July 31, 2018

A summer to enjoy the outdoors: what awaits you in the Cristina Enea Park San Sebastian

It seemed that it did not finish arriving, but, finally, the summer has been inaugurated. Also, in our city the rise of temperatures is already beginning to be noticed. So, it’s time to go out and enjoy the outdoors! The summer season is a good time to discover the parks of San Sebastian. These green lungs will help you cope better with the heat. On this occasion, we want to emphasize the Cristina Enea Park (San Sebastian). Surely, you’ve heard a lot about it and, if not, when you’re visiting Donostia and staying at our hotel with sea view in San Sebastian, it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know it thoroughly. And it is that this park is already groomed and prepared to accompany you in the summer of 2018!

A little history: this is how the largest park in San Sebastian was born

Yes, you read correctly, the Cristina Enea Park is the largest in the city. Located in the neighbourhood of Egia, near the bank of the Urumea River, it has an area of almost 95,000 m2. It has a pond that covers 780 m2 and a splendid palace, among many other attractions.

In its origins, this park was the private garden of the estate of the Dukes of Mandas, Fermín de Lasala and Collado and Cristina Brunetti. Not in vain, the park took its name from the own duchess (Cristina Enea means “de Cristina” in Euskera). When he died in 1925, the duke donated the park to the city.

Everything you can do during the San Sebastian summer in the park

The Cristina Enea Park is an unceasing source of entertainment. These are just some of the activities that await you this summer:

Ride a bike. The park is full of walking paths, although access by bicycles is limited. It is only allowed on the path that joins the footbridges of Mikel Laboa and Gladys del Estal, so go degreasing your bike!

Observe exotic tree species. This green lung is home to numerous tree species that you’re not used to see normally. For example, the park has an impressive red sequoia, a cedar from Lebanon or a ginkgo, among many others.

Walk among peacocks. In addition to the ducks of the pond, in the Park of Cristina Enea live other very showy birds, like the peacocks. It is common to cross with them during the walk, so take a moment to admire its colour.

Come with children. The park has a children’s area with slides, swings and other attractions so that they also enjoy the visit.

Go to the Glad is the Day festival. Since 2015, the park has become the stage for Glad is the Day, a San Sebastian music festival that brings diverse proposals from the local independent and underground scene. This summer will be held on August 5 and will be a day that will be enlivened by DJs, flea markets and a lot of activities for everyone.

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at our hotel in San Sebastian Spain! Do not hesitate to contact our staff if you require any information.

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